Writing Guidelines


Welcome and thank you for your interest in contributing to FGM News! Please feel free to contact US at contact@fgmnews.ORG with any questions.

We want to hear from topics that interest you and what you think could impact others in raising FGM awareness. Our aim is to have up-to-date news of FGM around the world. Here is a list of writing & topic guidelines you can follow:

◊ If you personally wrote the article, it should be submitted in a Word Document in Times New Roman, Arial or Cambria. No double-space, 12 pt. font and maximum of 5 pages unless under a special request.

◊ We do accept articles in other languages however they will need to have English translations along with them.

◊ If a story beside your own that you would like to share please make sure you include your source for example:

⇒ Book: Author Name, Book Name, Date, Publisher, Chapter and if possible include a page number

⇒ Journal: Author Name, Journal Name, Date, and Article Title

⇒ Website: Author Name (if available), Website Name, Article Name, Date (if available), Website Link

◊ You can also submit videos: Documentaries, YouTube, Movies about FGM practices 

⇒ If video is in another language and it does not have English subtitles please provide a transcript or if possible put subtitles 

Here are some topics we look for:

◊ New places where FGM is occurring 

◊ An FGM-practising country that has legislated & criminalised FGM

◊ If they did pass laws, what are they doing to implement those laws
Interviews of government officials on their FGM legislations

◊ Current prosecutions of FGM whether it is in FGM-practising states or Western States (US, Canada, Australia & Europe) 

◊ A western state where they have persecuted individual(s) for performing FGM on their children either on their territory or they took the citizen of that said country to perform FGM in their home countries. 

◊ Medical advancements for FGM victims 

◊ United Nation’s current policies or work on FGM 

◊ Interest stories:

⇒ Testimonials

⇒ Interviews with FGM victims 

⇒ Advocates against FGM

⇒ A person who is seeking asylum due to fear of FGM 

◊ If you personally are a survivor of FGM, please contact us personally to tell us your story.

We look forward to reading and publishing your article!

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